Seminar Training Fee

The Seminar Training is approx 4 hours. The Training is "A Complete and Well Rounded Training" that will equip you with all information and tools needed to be successful. Always remember, "What I teach You, is what I Play"...

The 4 hour Training unfolds as follows: We Train for 2 hours then brake for 15 minutes and then start again and complete the final 2 hours. I am flexible setting up the "Starting Time" meaning the time that we start can vary knowing that many students that contact me are in different Time Zones or may have Day or Evening Work Schedules.

The Fee is $2500 dollars and worth every penny of it. Actually the Fee is Pennies in relation to what you can make in a week, month, year. I mentioned some of my Students have made their fee back the same Trip or in a couple of days of Play. Obviously that can vary based on the size hands that one starts with.

Lastly, I welcome those that are serious about taking the Training to Call me and ask me related questions, if you have questions. I will stop short of giving away "Method Secrets" but will answer any related question on Buy in, Bankroll, Win Ratio etc. Again I was in the same or similar place 20 years ago when wanting/needing to be Trained. I Train You the way I wanted to be Trained.

Feel free to Call or Email me any question you might have and I look forward to meeting you and Training you in the near future.