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My name is Donald Tigert. I am creator and inventor of The "Baccarat Seminar Method" which gives, in my opinion, the most advanced information offered when it comes to Playing Baccarat successfully.

Inventing and creating and being a calculated risk taker, (Not a Gambler),is part of my psychological make up. By nature I am wired to ask questions and solve problems. I enjoy the research process and now almost 20 years of playing and researching Baccarat has reaped a harvest of fruits beyond my imagination. I will always know that if a product is good it can always be improved, which is why 20 years ago to now I haven't
stopped searching and researching this game.

Since the age of 20, I have not worked for anyone but myself. I created multiple U.S. Patents on products that I created, manufactured and marketed through mail order and most of the major retailers like Walmart, Kmart, Target, and grossing multi millions of dollars. Some of my designs have been on the selves in Walmart and other big box stores for over 25 years. Importing and exporting my products allowed me to travel the world and allowed me to experience some of the worlds most famous Casinos.

After 15 successful years of building my Company, one of my competitors offered to purchase my Company, we negotiated a price and I sold my Company. For 15 years and up to the sale of my Company, I was constantly attending and exhibiting my products in various trade shows across North America. Most of the Trade Shows were in "Casino Cities" like Las Vegas, Atlantic City. We would find ourselves
at the end of a very boring trade show day looking for some excitement at near by Casinos. I have played in Casinos for 30 years and many of those years not knowing about Baccarat. About a year before I sold my Company I was dissecting all the various Casino games. I knew of people making large sums of money playing in the Casinos, I believed it could be done so I began researching all the various Table Games and I even researched Slots (Stay away from slots). Then I came upon this sleeper game called Baccarat that only has a little over 1% "House Edge" that caught my attention, and one of the few or only True 50/50 games in the house. After selling my Company I took a year off and devoted most of my time to playing and researching Baccarat, reading every book, system and method I could get my hands on. It took me about 3 years to figure out "Systems Don't Work". Definition of a System is "Doing the same thing the same time over and over again" . The best "Systems" ever yielded me was "1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Backward". I discuss in detail this and so much more in the One on One Training but it's a fact that Baccarat is a "True Random" 50/50 game and for years, in some cases lifetimes, people have thought you could beat "Random" with "Systems". It is impossible to beat Baccarat, (a random game), with Systems. After learning what doesn't work lead me to figure out what does work. And in short I started looking at other "Random" games like The Lottery, Keno, even Bingo is a sister version of the Lottery. Without giving secrets of my Method, by studying the structure of the Lottery I realized the Lottery uses "Random" to beat the Lotto Ticket purchaser. The Lotto does not use some Math formula or some Fancy System to beat you, NO, they use "Random" to beat you. Then it dawned on me that "Fighting Random with Random" or as we say "Fight Fire with Fire" is the answer. I will repeat, you cannot be successful fighting "Random with System". It was only when I began to fight "Random with Random" is when everything changed in my world of Baccarat.

Now fast fast forwarding almost 20 years of play and research, and thousands of played shoes, and thousands more shoes practiced has made me one of the most sought after Master's of the Game of Baccarat. As they say "It's not bragging if you can do it". Now training people for nearly 10 years, I have trained people around the world, the Rich and Famous, Doctors, Attorneys, Professional Business Owners to the Guy or Girl punching a clock... We all have one thing in common, "We All Want To Win".

I tell each of my Students "I Train You The Way I Wanted To Be Trained Year's Ago" and I do just that. I do not know of anyone that train's you the way I do, meaning, I train you "One on One" (Skype or In Person) then after the training we go to the Tables and play "Together". That's putting your money where your mouth is.... That's Credibility. But to all my Seminar Students I give unlimited email and phone support.

My Schedule stays busy by splitting the month between my Dallas, Texas home and my Las Vegas home. I am usually in Dallas the first 2 weeks of the month then in Vegas the last 2 weeks of the month. I make the Training enjoyable, fun and very easy to learn.

I tell my Students "You'll Love The Training But Even More, You'll Love The Result$"... Feel free to call or email me if you are interested in taking the
Training. You will be amazed and glad you did.

Best regards,
Don Tigert
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