Here are just a few of the testimonials I have received from people succeeding at Baccarat after my one-on-one training seminar. I have many, many more.  Let's make you a testimony! Call or e-mail today to book your date or request available dates.

"The first hour of your seminar, you give three examples explaining exactly in graphics just how strong it is what we will be playing. Very good.  So I was hooked by the first hour of training knowing this is different, like nothing I had ever seen or heard of. Just as you say we met, we trained, and we played. And won and won.  I now call you every few weeks and you tell me your schedule, and I meet up with you and we continue to play together. You are, and your method is amazing.

P.S. Thank you for all the extra kindness and help allowing me to meet up with you in Shreveport, or Las Vegas, or where ever you play. It shows what a stand-up guy you are.  See you in Vegas in April." 

Dr. Van Taliffero MD
Shreveport, LA

Your Method is Amazing!!!! Don Tigert delivers on his Method and his Support and we are meeting Don in Las Vegas, again, to Play with him. It still amazes me how great the method is and how Don gives his personal cell phone # with unlimited support. You are truly amazing Don!!!!

Russ and Peg

I often Text or Call Don and call him "My Brother from a Different Mother". I am A College Professor and I know something about Teaching and how best to teach, making a student feel comfortable which increases comprehension. Don made the Training so easy to learn and so much fun but at the same time very interesting. Don is A "Master Teacher" and I can say it from experience. Not only is Don the Best Baccarat Teacher but I consider him a Friend and Brother.

Norman W.
New York

"What you teach is life changing and has changed my life. I am a retired successful businessman.  In 40 years, of being an investor, I have never seen anything that can create such a quick return on my seminar fee investment. And how large the return is." 

Harold "Jock" Miller
Miami, FL

"I was affected by the economic devastation due to Hurricane Katrina. Having to relocate just to get work and make a living. Luckily, I found out about your seminar teaching two weeks before Katrina hit New Orleans. I risked my savings hoping you had the real thing. Well, eight months later, your method is truly the real thing. And you took plenty of time to make sure I learned how to master your method. Thank you Don!"

Cliff Nelson
New Orleans, LA

"I did not tell you at the time I booked the training date that I was broke.  I got an advance on my three credit cards to get to your seminar.  A mutual friend and seminar student told me to get to your training as soon as I could. I did, and am so glad I did.  The worry of making money will never be an issue in my life again. What a feeling knowing that is true."

Tony Platt
Oklahoma City, OK

:"Very pleased, actually floored, by the results of your method.  I am the guy you use in your website.  I am the computer genus you speak of in your website. After your very good seminar training, I booked a trip to the casinos in London.  I began making big money.

I then booked another trip, again very successful. I could not believe this would hold up. So I wrote a massive computer program to test your 'seminar method,' testing it over 100 million Baccarat hands.

To make this brief, I split the 100 million Baccarat hands into 10 groups of 10 million bac hands. Here's the unbelievable news: your 'seminar method' never got behind in any of the 10 groups and never lost money...

It held up...... It held up. I am still floored by the results of your 'seminar method.' "

Anthony Day
England, U.K.

"Living in Las Vegas, I have seen it all or thought I had seen it all.  I remember booking a date and paying your fee and meeting you at your hotel room at the MGM Grand, all the while thinking 'how can this work?' If you remember, I even told you, the first sentence out of my mouth before the training began, I said I really do not believe your 'seminar method' will work, but I have heard it is awesome, so prove me wrong.  Well, you proved me wrong. This is it."

Reid Lohman
Las Vegas, NV

"Don, yes you have created a 'mini lottery'. Yes, your support is second to none, but the amazing thing is your 'seminar method' is the golden goose that continues to lay the gold eggs. It is true, your 'seminar method' continues to gain ground, gain ground and gain ground!

That is the only way to make money in a casino: by gaining ground instead of losing ground. Well done, Don!"

Ellis Smith
Houston, TX